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Custom Design Option is a fully customize website which specializes with your particular business and industry:

Premium custom designed desktop, mobile, & dynamic website package:

Starting at $279.00/mo maintenance fee & starting at $3,490.00 one-time design cost.


2 MOS. FREE! Plus, Up to 40% Premium Custom Design discount. 

A Monthly Payment Plan for the design cost is available.


Free Kuriostec Services:

Free Lifetime Hosting

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Premium Website Available Features: up to 30% Discount

  • Mobile Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • Google Analytics 
  • Custom Web Base Email Accounts
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Landing pages design
  • Credit Card Online/Paypal Transaction
  • Website Data Entry
  • E-Commerce/Online store
  • Interactive Forms, &
  • Other Technical Features, as needed

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Design Cost Low monthly payment installment plan: 12 months through 24 months



NOT all professional websites are expensive!  Why pay more for a quality, reliable website? Our passion is to provide it to you for less.

Order your website now and save hundreds, even thousands depending on the size of your website, quaranteed!