Q and A
  1. Q - If I am paying $22.99/month for my Kuriostec website now, in a few years will my payment go up?

    A - NO. Your payment will remain $22.99 every month, year after year. Monthly fees changes only if your website is upgraded or redesigned. This applies to all Kuriostec websites, church, business, and non-profit websites.

  2. Q - Based on Kuriostec.com, will I only pay the set-up cost and the monthly subscription fees while Kuriostec2020 will cover the Domain Registration fee and Hosting fee, so I don’t have to pay for the Hosting and Domain ever? No other extra fees?

    A - YES.  Kurisotec2020 will cover your Hosting and Domain Registration fees every year, for FREE, as long as your subscription is active with Kuriostec2020.

  3. Q - Is there any contract? If I want to move to a different website provider, can I transfer? How about my domain name?

    A - We do not make any binding contract.  Should you decide to move to a different website provider, you are free to do so.  You will have your domain name without any obligation.  However, the website template that you used goes back to Kuriostec2020.

  4. Q - After my website is published online, will I be able to go and edit its contents?

    A - Absolutely. You will have a website Log-in Admin along with your User Name and Password. All Kuriostec websites are Content Management System (CMS) driven.  Therefore, you can always access your website and change its contents anytime. 


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